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Tannya is a technology evangelist, A.I. Expert, and futurist. Through her work, Tannya encourages current and future leaders to explore the ethical and practical implications of exponential technologies on business, life and society at large. Tannya is an advocate of radical innovation, the rise of meaningful work in a post-automation world, and a proponent of educational reform.

She currently works as the Resource Manager at VMware, a leader in cloud infrastructure and is the Head of Partnerships at Awecademy, a future-focused edtech startup whose mission is to bring a sense of awe and wonder to education and prepare learners for a post-automation world.


Tannya is a technology contributor at Forbes Middle East, serves as an AI Expert at the AI Policy Exchange, and is the co-leader of the Dubai Women in Tech Lean In Circle.




at Adjacent Possible - a future-focused podcast probing what's possible and preferable in education

Head of Partnerships at Awecademy - a wisdom-based educational organization preparing learners for an exponential future

Expert Technology Contributor

at Forbes - a global media company focusing on business, investing, technology and entrepreneurship.

Leader at Dubai Women in Tech Lean In Circle - a community bringing together and elevating 150+ women in tech in the Middle East

Consulting Resource Manager at VMware - a global leader in cloud computing that uses software to unlock new possibilities for people and our planet.

The conversation around the rise of automation, A.I., and exponential technologies, in general, is one of the most important ones we can have. Today, it is no longer enough for only computer programmers and scientists to contemplate the impact of artificial intelligence on society. Written by futurist and technology evangelist, Tannya Jajal, “Thinking Machines: A.I. and the Intelligence Explosion” is a series of insightful and inspiring essays written for any audience. It sets the stage for defining artificial intelligence and explores how A.I. is relevant to everyone. The book is aimed at those who have a stake in shaping the future of humanity.

“Like it or not, AI is infiltrating into every part of our lives, augmenting and extending humans as the next great step in technology - this is going to happen fast, and everyone needs to be prepared. This book is a great place to get into what’s happening now and what’s happening next.”

- JOE BAGULEY (Chief Technology Officer, VMWare)

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Tannya is an insightful and passionate thought leader, who has delivered engaging talks at a number of events I have organised. Her knowledge and passion on the topics of technology and diversity in tech, clearly shines through, giving attendees an exciting glimpse into what the ‘not to distance’ future holds. 

She is a phenomenal motivator, and an authentic role model for women in tech.  

- Mairead O’Flynn, University Talent Manager and Diversity Lead, VMware


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